Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Evie Ruth Gibbs

My Evie love, I can't believe you are one.  Your first year went by so fast...too fast. I look at you and I wonder when got so big?  I can't even remember the last year of your life and I wish I did.  Sometimes I sneak in your room and watch you sleep, your daddy doesn't even know that. I love to watch you.  When I am around you I feel peace flood over me.  Sometimes when your silly sister is making me crazy, I grab you and take you in a room just to rock you and be with you. You have a way of calming me down and making me realize the beautiful things in the world. You also make me appreciate your adorable and crazy big sister more than I ever thought.  The way you look at her, cry when she is away, laugh at whatever she does, or crawl over to give her kisses when she is throwing a fit on the floor, helps me to remember to look for the good in every situation.  You are a mammas girl and I love it.  Gracie was never a mammas girl, she always wanted her daddy. When you came to earth, you ALWAYS wanted your mommy and I'm not gonna lie, I love it.  I love to snuggle you, rock you , feed you, laugh with you, smile at you, hold you when you cry, watch you learn new things, watch you when you sleep, get you out of your crib after a good nap, bathe you, and just be with you.  When I found out I was pregnant with you I was scared and sad. Your sister was an energetic baby who pushed me to my limits so I felt I wasn't ready to take on another baby. My feelings were confirmed when I had the worst pregnancy as far as sickness goes. I was sick until 22 weeks.  But, the second you came, I couldn't believe I had ever had negative feelings. You were a dream baby.  Only ever cried when you needed something and only for a minute. You love to stare. You are my inquisitive girl.  You love to look and watch.  You are also very smart. I am surprise every day by the things you can do and the things you pick up from your sister.  You have six teeth, can crawl, stand, say things like eat, mamma, daddy, dada, gracie, sister, tub, lovey, and a few other words I can't think of at the moment.  You love to talk on the phone with your daddy and whenever the phone rings you yell "daddy, daddy, daddy"  You also love to be suprised and will say "wow" whenever something wow's you.  I can't believe you are mine.  I love you to the moon and back.  

Love Momma.  

Evie's Birthday Party

We had a birthday party for Evie. It was really great. We made taco salads and had family over. Evie loved her cake...at least for a minute she did. I love my baby girl and can't believe she is one! Evie, at a year here are the things you love to do:
*peek-a-boo, you are constantly saying "boo ma, boo"
*Eat! You LOVE to eat, eat, eat!
*say Mama, daddy, da, sleep, eat, more, please, all done, boo, gracie, hi, bye, and a couple more words I can't think of at the moment.
*be around your sister
*snuggle with your "lovies"
*hug and kiss baby dolls
*give kisses and blow kisses
*snuggle with mamma
* be held
*drink from big kid cups
*yell if you don't get what you want immediatly
you have a spunky personality! Gone are the days of my quiet, pensive baby. You love to be heard and seen. Your sweet personality really adds to my every day life. You LOVE your sister and will often crawl around saying her name if she is napping or with daddy. You are a busy body. I quickly had to remember that kids like to get into trouble, and you are no exception. You pick on your sister a little bit, but, she doesn't exactly let you off the hook. You can un-pack a drawer full of anything faster than anyone I have ever seen and you love to take things out but put them back in. Your smile makes me smile, your laugh makes me laugh, you bring joy to my life and I love you.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Thanksgiving this year was at the Gibbs house. We had a huge spread of delicious food to eat, snacks, and good company.  Mechel let all of us participate in the meal so, it was really fun to see what everyone brought. We had 12 pies....yes 12. It was DELICIOUS!  I baked an apple pie, peach pie, and a pumpkin pie cheesecake.  After we were all full to the brim we went over to the park to play football. It was SO much fun! I'm so glad we got out and participated in a physical activity. I needed a good work out after all that pie!

Monday, November 5, 2012

"falling" into gear!

So I tend to find that around November 1st I forget all the goals I had made for the year, put on my sweat pants, and eat my way into the new year.  I sleep as much as I can and every little thing makes me snap. I hate the cold so I wrap myself in robes and blankets while dragging myself around the house, half pretending that someone else will come take care of my responsibilities and if I just close my eyes and go back to sleep, everything will be different when I wake up....pathetic??  Totally.  Not this year! I am DETERMINED to continue my healthy weight loss, energy building, mom transformation.  I have gone through 5 days of the "routine" and frankly, I'm tired of it! I want to have a successful fall/winter and I want my girls to have one too. SO...I will try and blog at least once a week about my adventures....it's a lofty goal but, we'll see.

 To begin with, I have decided to start weekly meal plans.  Many of you are rolling your eyes at me saying "duh, we've been doing that for years" but, I haven't.  Beau and I used to plan our meals together when we were first married but, it changed when we started having kids so, I'm back on track.  Not only am I planning dinner but also planning good, healthy lunches a week in advance for Gracie.  I feel like if I give her too many options she always chooses bagel and cheese or turkey sandwich and my baby girl needs more nutrition than that! So, I've got her breakfast, lunch, and dinner planned for the week and I am grocery shopping today.  I feel much more accomplished about this.

 Secondly- Beau has always been in charge of our finances.  It was some advice we got when we were married and have tried to live by it...frankly, it's not working! So, I am taking back control of our budget and finances.  I believe he would be much more aware and in control if he wasn't so busy.  Oh well, we tried it, it didn't work, so I am stepping up to the plate. Does anyone have any tried and true budget techniques I need???

 Third- I am really pumping up my photography business but, I need help with word of mouth/advertising ideas??? Anyone?? Anyone??

 Fourth- I am determined to make friends in our new place.  I think that I have made myself known (mostly by force) to the people in our ward so I'm hoping some good solid frienships will form and I will have some great ladies nights/couples nights ahead.  I feel like it's healthy and good to get out (or in) a couple nights a week with other adults to share interests and time.  I spend all my time with two beautiful girls but, my conversations are limited to baby dolls and gibberish.  While I love my blessings, I need some people my own age to converse with...even if we just talk about baby dolls and gibberish. 

 Fifth- Temple day! I plan on going once a month...twice a month if I can go with Beau.  I get to go on Tuesday with my fab sister Stacie and I can't wait.  I love girl time and I love the temple!

 Sixth- Get back to the basics of my interests.  That sounds weird when I type it out but, what it means to me is that I plan on exploring the things I grew up loving!!  For example: pilates, reading, theater (performing/directing), singing, hiking, eating healthy, laughing, scrap booking, blogging, etc...you get the idea.  To help with this, I have been asked to help a wonderful lady in our ward, who happens to be the theater teacher at Central Davis Junior High, to coach a couple of her actors for the play Bye Bye Birdie! So SO SO SO SO excited! I start tomorrow and I am beyond excited.  I was in Bye Bye Birdie and I LOVED it so I can't wait to do that.  And, I'm singing in church on the 11th of December.  That is exciting too.  Oh, and I joined a book club.  Ya, I'm on a roll

 Seventh- Find ways to discipline my super fun two (almost three) year old without yelling and that are effective.  I am tried EVERYTHING...and by everything I mean every form of discipline that is humane and possible.  She just doesn't care.  ANY IDEAS???? I am at my wits end so I'll take any suggestions that AREN'T: spank (she could care less), Stand in the corner (ya right...she didn't even make it to the corner), go to your room (she LOVES that one...), sit in your time out chair...(she will stand next to it and slowly move away), and any other typical technique. 

 Eighth- cut out the drama.  If you want to start something with me....find someone else to bother.  I have simplified my life and don't need it.  But, if you want to bring love and kindness...my door is always open.  Part of this is letting go of the past.  That is the hardest thing for me but, I'm learning to just let it go an move on.  People have done/ said some horrible things to me and I have been harboring awful feelings about them but I realized that it was just hurting myself so, I'm letting it go.

 Ninth- I have had a deep desire to help those around me that are struggling.  Send a note, a book, some chocolate, etc....Watch your mailboxes people, I am in a giving mood. And I have found it's ok to be happy- I am dead set on being happy and allowing others to be happy too.

 tenth- have a fun adventure with Beau at LEAST once a month....We will go somewhere or do something new at least once a month...This month: Crystal Hot Springs...never been, always wanted to go!

I feel rejuvinated! Thanks for letting me spread my goals out on hypothetical paper. I feel like I am ready to fight back the fall/winter lazy blues.  Love you all soooo much! And, because I know you aren't reading this for me, here is a picture of my babes: Aren't they incredible?

Saturday, November 3, 2012


We went out today and took some pictures with the remaining fall leaves.  It was beautiful but, FREEZING!  The girls were shivering and had blue lips by the end.  Oh well, at least the pictures turned out ok right??? :)