Wednesday, March 9, 2011

February Wrap-Up

Apparently I am a terrible blogger...obviously.  Well life at the Gibbs house has been anything but dull.  Gracie is growing too fast for me. I wish she would slow down. She likes to talk and run everywhere. Sometimes I wish she wasn't walking yet because she refuses to ride in the cart at the store now. She just wants to get out and walk. She cracks me up. She likes to say her ABC's with me though, she can only say A so she will just repeat "A, A, A" It is so darling. She also likes to count with me but she can only say one so she counts "one, one, one, one" It is so darling! Beau and I can't get enough of our sweet girl. She weighs 18lbs now and I am not sure how long she is I will have to check.
Ruby is so much fun to have around. Having a dog is one of the best decisions we made. Gracie and Ruby are so cute together. They like to play around and Ruby does really well with her. 
Beau has decided to change his major. It was a really tough decision and he really had to pray and put a lot of thought into the change but, he eventually decided that he is not wanting to be a math teach but an architect. We are so excited about this change.  He will have three years left here at USU and then we will go somewhere else for his masters degree.  It is the perfect major for him, he loves to draw and is great at design and math and so, I just know he will be doing exactly what he is supposed to do. 
I have been enjoying life at home with my sweet though, I got really sick a week ago and ended up in the hospital. They had to give me a couple of shots so that wasn't fun. Then, just the other day I had the same symptoms and was super sick again.  Ugh! Not sure what's going on but, hopefully it doesn't happen again. 
Gracie has been really sick the last couple of days so life has been a little hard. Poor Beau has been taking care of both of his sick girls.  We finally got Gracie to start eating ice chips so hopefully she is on the mend.
February went by with a whirl. We didn't do much in the way of Valentine's day since I was sick and so was Beau but, we love each other and we don't need a day to remember. :) 
We are ready for the warm weather so we can get out more. Well that's all for now. I will try to be a better blogger. Enjoy the pictures.
New shoes!
My two girls playing together.
Gracie regularly hangs out in Ruby's kennel and doesn't let her in.
The other night I was sitting in the rocking chair with my blanket. Grace came up and decided that she needed to sit in her rocking chair right by me and put my blanket on her lap too. She is so darling.
The beginnings of a big snow storm. This was us shoveling at 7:00pm. It got progressively worse through the night.
on a hike last weekend with the baby and the dogs.