Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Finally two new posts!!

Well I can't believe it is already April. Beau and I are in awe at how fast our beautiful daughter is growing up. I cried as I boxed up her newborn clothes and pulled out the 3 months. She is so funny and fun to be with. She will laugh at me when I do anything, including if I just look at her. Hahaha I love her so much. Gracie is such a wonderful blessing in our lives. Beau and I are doing well. We are trying to find a new car, a job, and a house up in Logan for us to move into. I feel completely scared to death because we are not prepared to move AT ALL but, everything works out the way it's supposed to right? Ugh...I sure hope so. Anyone have a car they want to sell us, a job they want to give us, and a house they want us to rent???? Please???? Oh for your viewing pleasure here are some pictures of the babe. OH I forgot to tell everyone I made Gracie a car seat cover because the one she had was a horrible material that made her sweat profusely. I got a lot of it pieced and sewed together and then my machine broke so luckily Mechel is an amazing seamstress and she helped me finish it :)

Gracie's Blessing

This weekend we were able to go to Ogden to bless Gracie. It was so wonderful to have our closest friends and family, minus some of my family, there for her special day. She looked so beautiful in her dress made special by her Grandma Gibbs. I am so grateful for Beau and the wonderful blessing he was able to give her.