Thursday, May 22, 2014

Amanda Gibbs Photography- Taffee's maternity pictures

So, I have a friend that has been my friend for years. Seriously, since I was in Beehives. We met at Girls Camp. She was from Green River and I was from Moab but, our camp sites were by each other. I specifically remember the day I met her and her friend Amanda at camp for the first time! It is crazy. She was the coolest. Always made me laugh, so fun to be around, and just an awesome person to look up to. She graduated two years earlier than I did and so, after my sophomore year, we kind of lost touch. BUT, miracles happen, and through facebook, we found each other again. Turned out that she was still awesome, fun to be around, and more hilarious than before. Then, another miracle happened, and she moved to Logan which is right by ME!  We have gotten together many times and each time is just more wonderful than the last. She has three darling kids, one more on the way, and so I bullied her into letting me take maternity pictures for her. I realize that now that I am not on facebook anymore, people don't get to see many of my photography posts. I have a website but, I need to update it! Also, you don't need facebook to view my business page so, go see!

Anyway, here are some of my faves that I have edited so far of my super awesome and have I mentioned gorgeous friend? I don't look this good pregnant, I can promise you that!