Saturday, January 31, 2009

Luke and Bridget- It's about love

My dear family and friends I need your help. Have you ever met two people in your life that you knew you were supposed to be friends with? Well Beau and I have. We first met Luke and Bridget at our new ward last year. Luke is in the Bishopric and Bridget was in the Enrichment program. They seemed really nice but we didn't get to talk to them much. I remember the first time we actually hung out playing the most random game and it was a blast! They are wonderful people. Beau and Luke go running every other morning and Bridget and I now walk together. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends as a part of our lives. Luke is such a kind hearted person. He is kind of quiet but really fun to be around and he has a very contagious laugh. You can't help but laugh when Luke laughs. Bridget is just a fabulous person. She has so much love for everyone it is amazing. Her personality is so much fun and she is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I feel bad that she has to hang out with me sometimes because I am such a beast but she just smiles and we keep walking. These two are honestly great. They both have such a love for the Lord that shows in their every day actions. Beau and I are so lucky to have them be a part of our lives. Thank you Luke and Bridget we love you!!

Here is where I need your help. Luke and Bridget have been married for three and a half years and recently found out that they can't have children right now. They began the adoption process almost right away. I don't want to give away too much of their story I want you to read it for yourself. They amaze me every day. The strength that they have and the faith in the Lord is impossible to measure. These two deserve a baby. Or better yet, a baby deserves to be loved by these two wonderful people. I have put a link on my blog and it will send you to their profile on LDS services webpage. So get the word out!! They need a birth mom and everyone can help. Tell everyone about them. Send them to my blog, send them to her blog, send them to their link. You can ask her questions on her blog, pray for them, spread the love. Because it really is all about love.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

life was great in 2008!

Ok so one of my most favorite friends named Karen Peterson and I make a CD each year since 2005 to reflect on the experiences we have had. It started with the Jive of 2005, Peace to the river love to the land, the, and life is great in 2008. Life was great in 2008 and I would like to share with you some reasons why I thought life was great in 2008. I was reading on my friend Kimbrey's blog and then her sister Jill's blog and now I am stealing their ideas. I am allowed to though because I love them both dearly and so that makes it ok :)

What I did in 2008:
1. Survived Mononucleosis
2. Watched Beau go through hand therapy
3. Moved 3 times
4. Lived in the OC! California was great!
5. bought two new cars and sold two cars
6. Drove over 1000 miles to help my sister move
7. Celebrate my One Year Anniversary
8. Helped remodel a house
9. went to the beach
10. Got a dog
11. went river rafting
12. re-connected with old, wonderful friends
13. Made a whole slew of new, wonderful friends
14. had a murder mystery party
15. went to a haunted hospital for the first and probably last time!
16. took voice lessons
17. Got a Wii
18. Applied for Graduation
19. Built a snowman twice the height of myself
20. Played a lot of rock band (an entire summers worth :)
21. Went to WICKED the musical at the Pantageous Theater in LA
22. Went to six different temples- two out of state
23. Went to Lagoon- that was great
24. Loved Beau- something I plan to do every day of every year for eternity

Favorite Book of 2008:
- That would probably have to be

Favorite Movie of 2008:
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button-so good

Favorite Restaurant- In and Out in Costa Mesa (a staple for jessica and I after a hard session of rock band :), Chipolte' in Costa mesa (a staple for Beau and I before a hard days work), and Texas Road House

Favorite Hobby- I am sad to say that I didn't really focus on a any hobbies this year

Favorite CD- Wicked the Musical....loved it...still love it, OH and Life is Great in 2008! You gotta hear it and you will love it too

Favorite Food- we got a quesadilla maker for our wedding so this year we have eaten a TON of quesadilla's with beans and favorite

Favorite Memory- This is a hard one....The one I am thinking about right now happened while we were in California. I went to work with Beau one day and it was one of our last days out in the area. I remember the weather was perfect and we were really slow so Beau and I got to spend the entire day just being together. It was wonderful. We wandered around stores, ate at random places, but mainly we laid in the grass at this huge park and just watched the day go by. It sounds silly but it was perfect.

Favorite Song- When all is said and done

Favorite TV show- Bones

Favorite Board Game- Ticket to Ride!! And Zarahemla

Favorite Time Waster- The Computer :)

Favorite Drink: I am a water drinker so I will say water...I don't really like anything else

Favorite Exercise- Pilates though Beau had me running a bunch this summer and I did find that breathing and running in Cali is WAY easier than breathing and running in Utah so that was enjoyable.

Worst Heart Stopping Moment- When I was watching the news and heard that there were shootings going on in Compton and Beau was in Compton and I couldn't get a hold of him...that freaked me out...

Worst Memory of 2008: Being sick, Workmans' Comp, and throwing up on the 405 freeway on my way back from work with a migrane...yeah that sucked

Favorite Quote: The only constant is change

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The end has come

The papers are signed, the diploma paid for, the cap and gown ordered. May 2, 2009: a day 4 years in the making.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year???

I didn't know I married a sixteen year old boy..hmmm....

Just for the record I cried