Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Beau and I LOVE Halloween. It is our favorite holiday. We usually celebrate all month and do lots of festive things. This year the month of October has been busy and I was sick for most of it. But, the week before Halloween we managed to get some good fun in.

We went to the Pumpkin Walk this year with The Ashcrofts and The Palmers. I was so tired and still getting over my chest cold/pneumonia so I wasn't in the best mood but, Gracie loved it. The local farmers donate lots of pumpkins to different organizations around Logan and then they get carved and put together in scene's. This year the theme was "the magic of animation". It was so cool to see things like The Muppets, Finding Nemo, etc carved out of pumpkins! Stupidly though I didn't take my camera. To see pictures of the pumpkins go to

Beau didn't have to work one day this week because of snow so, we put on our warmest clothes and began to do our tradition of painting the window for the holidays. Beau is an amazingly talented artist and he free drew the picture and then I helped fill in. Everyone in our ward that drove by was so impressed at his talent. I was also very very impressed.
On friday night we went with our friends to a huge costume party at one of their friends house. It was a blast. This year I was Wendy Darling, Beau was Peter Pan, and Gracie was Tinkerbelle. We got a babysitter from the ward to come over and we got to hang out for a couple of hours with just some adults. It was GREAT! We had a wonderful time.

On Saturday we went to our wards trunk or treat. It was raining so we held it in the gym. All the kids were dressed so darling but, the cutest one of all was this little green Tinkerbelle. She loved grabbing candy out of people's bowl it was so cute!

Today, as in the real Halloween, we are watching movies, carving pumpkins, eating soup, and making caramel apples. Happy Halloween everyone!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spaghetti Night

When I was a little girl I loved spaghetti night. It was my very favorite meal. I would fill both of my fists with spaghetti and shove it in my mouth as fast as I could until a nice orange ring would form on the lower part of my face. I am happy to announce that Gracie loves spaghetti as much as I did and still do. She was so funny the other night when we gave her noodles for the first time. She tried to eat her bowl and then she dug right in. Good thing she isn't afraid to eat!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

9 months old

Today, my darling, you are nine months old. Where did the time go? You are getting so big and I can't seem to stop time from moving. I have now almost had you in my arms as longs as I had you in my belly :) What a precious blessing you have been in our lives. At nine months you have many things you like to do.
- stand
-crawl super fast
-eat all foods....and lots of it! I think you must have a hollow leg because I don't know where you put the food.
-grab fists full of cheerios and stuff them in your mouth until your cheeks are bulging.
-laugh- you are so silly all the time
-crawl away when momma comes to get you
-put everything in your mouth
-smile so big whenever anyone is around
-clap your hands
-read stories-well I guess I should say you like to EAT stories...we never get through a story before the book is in your mouth
-play with kids your size
-watch the dog play catch- you think he is so silly
-sit with mom
-be tickled by daddy
-talk all day long- words you can say "no" "momma" "dadada" and then lots of blabble
-playing peek-a-boo- in fact, you will play peek-a-boo with anyone around, including the dog.
-give momma kisses

You don't really like taking naps and you still aren't a fan of the car seat. Ahh well, maybe when we can turn you around you will love it.

Milestones as of 10/11/2010- you took your first THREE steps today without anyone holding onto you or helping at all. You just stood up and walked. You amaze me every day my darling child.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

3rd anniversary

You are the Cheese to my Macaroni'.....
the Peanut Butter to my Jelly...
The Sugar to my Cookie.....
The French to my Fry.......

The Fruit to my Loop.....
the marshmallow to my smore'...
the hand to my glove...
the twinkle to my star
the remote to my tv
the stem to my apple
the seeds to my orange
the music to my song
the stars to my nebula

And I can't think of anyone I would rather share my eternity with.
Happy Anniversary Beau James
I love you