Friday, June 25, 2010

Life at the Gibbs home

Life at our home has been pretty busy this summer so far. We finally got almost all our decorating done so our house feels like a home now. It is so nice not to wake up in the morning with the feeling of dread because I am climbing over boxes holding a screaming baby. I also feel like I can officially have people over and not be constantly apologizing about the way my house looks...I hate doing that.

A couple of weeks ago we had to opportunity to go to the Cabin for cabin work weekend. Beau and I decided to go a day early with Gracie to have a little family get-away. It was so fantastic! It was really cold but so much fun. Gracie had a great time camping. We went on a couple of little walks and happened to see three different moose!! It was AMAZING! I have never seen a moose before so that was pretty cool.

We didn't stay outside too much because it was pretty chilly but, it was nice. We were up there because it was cabin work weekend so, on friday Zach and Stacie came with Mom and Dad to get some work done. They began cutting down a dead tree that was threatening to kill the cabin and Jim put me to work as the photographer. It was fun to watch the tree fall down. Gracie sat with Grandma the whole time and she was happy as a clam.

At about dinner time Jens and Tiffany showed up to stay the night. It was such a wonderful time. Gracie LOVES Connor and Logan. They are here best friends. Whenever she would start to get sad Logan would just have to come talk to her and she would laugh. She adores him. Connor loves to give Gracie her toys. Beau had fun holding both of them while Connor shared.

Jamie and Andy have come to town for a couple of weeks and it has been a whirlwind of activities. Gracie finally got to meet her Coy cousins and she has such a good time with them. We have been able to do things like the Leishman family reunion at Bear Lake, lots of bbq's, games, and other activities. It has been lots of fun traveling down to Ogden and spending time with everyone.

Gracie is eating solid foods now and she loves them...well...most of them. So far we have done rice cereal (which she hates), oatmeal (which she loves), bananas (another fact it's hilarious to watch her face when we try to feed her those), and cheerios. I am making my own baby food and have whipped up some peas, carrots, and other things to try in the future. I can't believe how big she is getting.
We had the opportunity to take Gracie swimming at the North Ogden Aquatic Center the other day. She LOVE IT! She is going to be a fish just like her daddy.

We have many more wonderful things coming this summer and I am happy to be living in the moment. We have a garden that is so wonderful! We already have tons of beans, pumpkins, tomatoes, watermelon, and many other plants. Were it not for the stupid ducks that live in our backyard, we might have even more. I will post pictures of the inside of my house and garden when I actually clean my house and take some :) Here are some stats about the love of our lives.

Gracie Leigh. I can't believe you are already six months old. Time has sped up and it won't stop. It seems I can't get enough of your cute smile, sweet laugh, loud cry, and darling personality. You bring me more joy than I could ever imagined was possible. Sometimes I feel my heart may just burst out of my chest. I watch you and you amaze me with your strength and intelligence.
Gracie, at six months here are some things you like to do:
-crawl everywhere
-laugh when daddy kisses you--his beard is very tickly
-go on walks
-watch the ducks
-laugh at momma
-talk very loud so everyone can hear
-stand up
-pull yourself up in your crib
-stick everything in your mouth
-smile very big when we make funny noises
-say "mammamamamama"
and "babababa" you are a very big talker
-scream...not cry just scream
-watch baby signing time.

you have a front tooth now to go with the molar in the back. You love to be on the floor and play by yourself. You weigh 13.5 pounds and you still wear 3 month clothes :) You are healthy just petite. We love you more than sand on the beach or stars in the sky. We couldn't be more grateful to Heavenly Father for allowing us to raise you in our home.

Gracie is growing and we are just amazed at her every day. Beau and I feel like the most blessed people on the earth. We don't have much but, what we do have is worth more than any amount on the earth.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Places

We have finally moved up to Logan and somewhat got settled...not really but I will pretend :) We LOVE the house we are living in. It has two bedrooms, sitting room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and an office. We are so happy with the amount of space we have compared to the tiny apartment we lived in for a year. We also have a washer and dryer, fruit room, storage space, and an entire garden just to ourselves. We are ecstatic.

Today as I was unpacking the kitchen we decided that Gracie needed to get outside and be with papa and so we loaded her in the backpack and she helped daddy mow the lawn.

It was tough work. So tough in fact she fell asleep in the middle of all the work leaving daddy to do it on his own.
Isn't he dad of the century?? Gracie and I think so!
After she woke up I was still not even close to done unpacking the kitchen so we loaded her up in her exer-saucer and made an umbrella stand out of our tomato planter. She was outside all day and she had a ball. I am so glad that she is able to play outside and not freak out.

Beau is working for a construction company that he really likes. They are nice guys that pay him pretty good and will work with his schedule. Hopefully he can stay on with them, that is if they get another house to work on, and then he won't be out of a job again.

Gracie is almost five months so I wanted to list some stats:
-she loves to roll all over the place
-she can army crawl pretty good
-she laughs so loud and if you get her going she will just keep going
-she babbles all the time, she just has so much to say!
-she makes momma smile until her face hurts and laugh until she cries
-she goes crazy in her bouncer
-she is very independent and likes to do things her way
-does no like rice cereal...dang it
-but does love to eat all the time!
-has finally started falling asleep in the car (hallelujah)

I am totally in love with our daughter. Sometimes I can't think I could love her any more than I already do and then, I do! I miss her when she is sleeping and will find myself watching her while she sleeps. She is my best friend and I am so blessed that I get to spend so much time with her.