Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Captin Destruction

The other day I was having the worst day.  Gracie would not listen, she was throwing fit after fit, screaming, yelling, throwing food, etc.  Finally I had enough so I locked her in my bedroom with me, put on a TV show, and layed on the bed.  Whatever she did in there I figured it was better kept to one area of the house instead of the whole house.  Well, turns out she found a bulk bag of animal crackers I had put in what I thought was a safe place.  I heard the bag crinkle and when I looked down to see what she was doing she dumped the whole thing on the floor.  And then, she unpacked her clothes, threw them on the pile, and walked all over them.  I was so shocked I just stared at her then layed back down.  I figured I would let her dad deal with it when he got home.
She found a bowl and started piling the crackers in a bowl and then dumping them back out


Sunday, July 10, 2011

18 months!

My crazy baby is 18 months old today!  Where does the time go??  I can't believe it has been 547 days with her.  She is insane...really non-stop crazy fun.  We can't imagine what our lives would be without her.  Here are some things about Gracie at 18 months.

  • - She loves to eat
  • She says Hi, Bye, Hello, Mom, Dad, Stop it, No, Yes, Sit, Dog, Bird, Cat, Grandma, Night Night, Happy, Day, bath, shoe, sock, flower, cup, water, bread, more, please, thanks, eat, hat, and a whole lot of more words I can't think of at the moment. She will really repeat anything we say. 
  • Gracie loves to collect as many things in her hands as possible
  • She loves to put things in baskets or buckets and carry them around
  • She is full of energy and is constantly finding new things to get into.  In fact, the other day I spent an hour looking for her shoes and she had hid them in the toilet paper holder in the bathroom.  After an hour I asked her where her shoes were and she led me in there.  Duh.
  • She loves to be outside. I think she would live out there if I would let her. 
  • She has no fear. She will climb to the top of anything, run to the ledge, fall of the bed and get right back up, she is a brave one.
  • She loves to go on walks and will climb into her stroller and just sit there until you take her somewhere.
  • Bath time is always a fun adventure. She likes to fill her toy cups up with water and dump them on daddy. 
  • She can say her ABC's all the way to E.
  • She LOVES baby signing time and will ask to watch it all day long. Luckily we don't watch much TV or movies so I can generally distract her by taking her in the backyard.
  • She will pick up any camera and say "cheese". And if you say "cheese" and take her picture she will give you her biggest most beautiful smile...unless she doesn't want to hold still.
  • She never holds still. :)
  • Getting her to nap lately has been a nightmare but, we are surviving.
  • She LOVES LOVES LOVES to swim. We took her to the aquatic center the other day and she just ran off on her own. I was more out of energy chasing her than she was.
  • Pizza is her favorite food.
  • She has all but 4 of her teeth.  Her second set of molars and her bottom K-nines
  • Beau taught her to copy cat...ya that has been fun
  • She is a sympathetic laugher and will laugh if she hears anyone else laughing
  • She loves to sing and will sing along with you
  • Nursery is going pretty well.  She usually lasts about 1 1/2 and then starts to get mad
  • She has a temper like you wouldn't believe
  • Gracie will blow kisses and say "Bye Bye" to anyone or HIIIII to anyone
  • She is too smart for her own good :) :) 

We love our beautiful girl. Even when she should be napping and instead is yelling and talking to herself.  I get worn out but I couldn't imagine my life without this precious being in it.  She is honestly my favorite thing.  I wake up in the morning excited to see her and I go to bed at night thinking about her precious face sleeping.  I took some 18 month pictures of her the other day so I will post a couple of those...at least the ones I have edited.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Aquatic Center

The North Ogden Aquatic Center offers night swim on Wednesdays at a discounted price.  So last week Beau and I decided to take Gracie swimming.  It only cost 5 dollars for all three of us!  WOO WOO!  Gracie loved it. Beau even took her down the big slide and she had a blast.  She couldn't get enough of the water...that is until she played so much she started to get cold and her little lips turned blue.  We pulled her out then and I held her while Beau played with Ali and Daryl's kids.  We had a blast and can't wait to go again this week.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July

We had a really fun fourth of July this year.  We went to the Cherry Days Parade that morning, came home, cooked some yummy food, and then had two BBQ's.  We were very full by the end of the day.  I made red white and blue cupcakes and we got to celebrate Jim's b-day.  It was a very eventful and fun day with everyone!  Happy Fourth of July!

Nothing beats a slurpee at the parade!

My corn eater

The big girls! Gracie kept stealing food off Abby's plate when she wasn't looking.