Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sunny California

Hello! I know you are all just dying to see Beau's new hair but you have to wait one more post because I haven't had time to take the "after" pictures. We have been SO busy. Well to begin with I start my other job tomorrow. I am so excited! I just realized that you guys don't know what my other job is. A couple weeks after we had arrived here in Cali another technichian named Nathan arrived with his wife Jessica. We became instant friends and hang out every day. She is really great. There is also Tiff and Kyrsten. They are wonderful girls and I'm glad I have them here to keep me sane :D. Anyway Jess works for a catering company that caters for stars and producers and just rich people all the time in LA. She told me that they are always looking for more help. So this next week starting tomorrow we will be working at FOX studios and UNIVERSAL studios catering to the producers, stars, the press, and everyone else invited while they do their release of the new fall season of shows. NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX will all be showing their piolet episodes for the new shows in the fall and showing season premieres of the shows already in production. This is also where they decide the line-up for fall and the time slots that will be taken. One other thing they do is decide which shows will be canceled and which will continue on. I am so excited! I get paid 15-20 dollars an hour and I work at least 6 hours a day so I can't wait.

The other day the four of us and Kyrsten's little girl Lydia went to the beach. It was FREEZING cold and very windy so we didn't stay long but we were there long enough to take some fun pictures. It was a blast.

The Before Pictures

Here are the before pictures of Beau's hair

Some news!

So....guess what....

I dyed Beau's hair...


Pictures soon to prepared

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I just want you all to be so proud of Beau. He has been working his butt off for APX and it has paid off way sooner than expected. We got a phone call from my friend Joel who also works for us saying that the regional manager was so impressed with Beau that he bumped him up from first year installer pay scale to second year installer pay scale! It is a huge difference. I am so proud of him I can't stand it! He is blowing everyone out of the water with his determined work ethic and consistancy. He never lets me down. Good job babe!