Thursday, September 25, 2008


I am OFFICIALLY filling out my COLLEGE GRADUATION PAPERS! WOOHOO!! No going back now. Thank goodness. I never thought this day would come. I can't wait. Now I just have to survive the next semester and some classes in the summer but I will be walking in May 2009. I am pretty much ecstatic right now!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Best date day every!

And it was the cheapest for sure! Beau and I started off the early afternoon driving to St. George to go to the Temple. It was beautiful and very relaxing. I love the Temple and this was my first session in the St. George so it was great. We are quickly adding to the list of Temples we have been in. I just realized that I have done baptisms or sessions at seven different Temples. That is pretty good for only having your endowments out for a year I think! Anyway, after the temple we drove home and went to the school's Olympic size swimming pool to tread water and just swim. It was a BLAST! I seriously had so much fun. Plus, it was free. YEAH! Two free things for us on date night. It ended with a quick trip to the grocery store and then appetizer night for two. I made a veggie tray and a yummy dip while Beau made homemade onion rings, fries, mozzarella sticks, and I made a chip dip. It was yummy and easy and cheap! I love dates with my husband he is the best. :D

how to put the cover on a smoke alarm

Apparently my husband is a trapeze artist, or at least thinks he is, because he finds the most difficult, potentially hazardous, ways to fix things. Like, for example, our smoke alarm that would not quit beeping. Watch and learn.

huh, climbing on the door?? After ten minutes, yes ten minutes, of hanging on the door I think he had a moment of truth. Wait a minute there must be a better way since this plan seems to be bordering on ridiculous and plain crazy. So his wife, the logical one that I am, walked in the kitchen and brought him what I like to call the way God intended us to fix things that are broken and are high up....

The sweet smile of success...maybe next time we will skip right to the chair instead of trying the quick approach to cracking your head open...I don't know though. :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Knead some bread?

I have decided that bread is way way way too expensive and so I have begun to make my own bread. It is very difficult to find the right mix of white and wheat flour and so I must continue to experiment BUT today I did make some french bread that will be yummy I just know it. My hands hurt from kneading the bread for ten minutes straight! It says to do it that long and so out of fear for not kneaded enough bread, I put on a timer! :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Cedar City!

We are here! School started on Monday and I had a nervous breakdown, changed my major again, and will be graduating in May! Well I will be walking in May but I will have to take one class over the summer to complete my degree. I am getting a social science composite degree so I study political science, history, sociology, geography, and economics. I LOVE IT! I am in a bunch of different classes which are:

*History of Hitler and Nazi Germany- The teacher is amazing and the class is pretty interesting

*American Political Thought-LOVE IT, but that's just because I am so dang opinionated

*History of Utah- Great class, great teacher, also love it

*Individual voice training- so I can sing better

*Environmental Psychology- TOTALLY LOVE IT! But once again I am extremely opinionated especially about hot topics like the environment. It is going to be a great class though. I already have great ideas for my senior thesis. WOOHOO!

So that is all I am taking right now. All my other classes that I need are only offered in the spring so my load is only at 15 credits right now which is very comfortable for me. NOW Beau is taking:

Math- which he actually has people asking HIM for help :D
English- doing well, only has it on mondays
Human development- he says it's a good class with a fun teacher
University 1000- which is an introductory class everyone who comes here has to take. He is going for straight A's this semester which I think he will achieve I am so proud of him. He works at the school doing media for the EdNet classes so he gets to do his homework at work which is AWESOME! He really enjoys it.

I am looking for a job since I only go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It shouldn't be too hard to find one. Other than that school is great and we love where we live. We have the second bedroom all ready for visitors so come on down!


Because our summer was so crazy and hectic we decided that we really need to do something super fun before we went to school. The only thing we could think of was Lagoon because we were in Ogden and it was buy one get one free day so we went. We invited Daryl and Ali to go with us because we missed them after not seeing them all summer and it was a blast!! Beau and I both had so much fun we thought it was the perfect ending to a great summer! I used to hate Lagoon and I thought it was very white trash but it ended up being a million times better than I remember. Thanks Daryl and Ali we had a wonderful time!