Monday, September 26, 2011

Summer wrap-up....finally!

Ok, I know I am a terrible blogger.  I always think I will stay on top of it and then, I don't.  Oh well!  I am going to attempt to write one huge long blog about the rest of our summer because it seems like it will be easier than writing a whole bunch of mini-blogs. 

To begin with July was a great month. Ali was still here so Gracie and I got lots of play time with Ali and the kids.  Some would say I even "monopolized" her time but, I didn't care and neither did she! ;) It was so wonderful to never wonder what we were going to do that day to stay busy because she was either calling me or I was calling her.  I am so grateful for her.  Ali is such an amazing friend and great listener.  She also knows how to make you laugh when you really just feel like yelling.  I miss her so much!  We also got another surprise the week before Ali left...Daryl flew in!  It was SO GREAT to see him too!  It felt like old times to see both of them and it made my whole summer complete.  You just can't replace family like that.

 July seemed to fly by with a whirlwind of activities. We had a good time swimming, playing in the backyard, going on walks, and such. August came in quickly and we found ourselves trying to prepare Beau to go to school. He got accepted into the University of Utah to start their per-architecture program. He had to go to a transfer student orientation so Gracie and I met him at the university after his orientation to walk around and then go to Temple Square to walk around there also.  It was so wonderful to be at the temple where we got married, walking around with our children (one in my belly :)) and remember that day we were married.  We made our way over to the reflecting pool and Gracie decided she wanted to go for a swim. It took everything I had to drag her out of the pool. hahah it was so funny! What wasn't funny was the HUGE fit she threw in the middle of temple square after we pulled her away from the reflecting pool.  Ahh the joy of having a little girl.

We went to the Hogal Zoo with our VERY good friends from Cedar City: Kyle, Natasha, and Makayla.  It was SUCH a blast!!  The girls just loved seeing all the animals, so did our crazy husbands.  We miss the Bodily's so much and wish we lived closer.  Luckily they are only in Provo so, not too far away :) It was hot and we walked for hours so by the time we got in the car, I buckled Gracie in and she basically passed out.  What a very fun day. If you have never been to the zoo I suggest you go. It's very kid friendly and so much fun.

August came, and then it went...faster than I would like.  Beau began working and going to school full time which means we never get to see him but, I know he is sacrificing  a lot for our little family.  One of my good friends from Moab got married and I was lucky enough to witness it.  She is such an amazing person and deserves to be sooo happy...I think she is.  We got to make a trip to Moab finally after a whole summer of not traveling there. Our time was fun, and felt very brief. We spent a lot of time with my sister and her darling children, which included a trip to the pool.  My water baby had too much fun.  She is TOO brave in the water. She will just jump in from any side or keep walking in the water until it is basically drowning her.  It scares me to death but, Beau loves that she isn't afraid of the water.  We plan on putting her in swimming lessons as soon as possible and hopefully, this winter, I can find a mommy and me swim class at the rec center.  We have also slowly, very slowly, begun potty training. Gracie loves the potty and I have no doubt she will learn very fast once I actually put energy into it. We are still living with Beau's parents and so I haven't REALLY tried yet but, the minute we are in our new house, she is going full time. 
I am doing well.  Our baby girl is growing my last two week appointment is on Friday and then I start going in every week!  This pregnancy has FLOWN by. Honestly I feel like I blinked and it's almost over.  Gracie keeps me on my toes so that definitely helps.  We can't wait to meet this little girl. I have been worried that Gracie won't like sharing the attention but, I have no fear now that she will be the biggest helper.

I have some stats on Gracie that I will post later but I can't find the paper right now.  Other than these few large things, summer came, and it went. We are still fervently trying to find a place to live in the Layton/Centerville/Bountiful area so if you know of anywhere, let me know!!  I post some random summer pictures of Gracie for your viewing no particular order.