Friday, August 6, 2010

a HUGE accident

Well, tonight Beau and I decided to go to bed early to get prepared for his new job. We are both going to have to start waking up at 6:00 and since I am not a morning person, it's going to take me a minute to get used to it. Anyway, it was around 9:30when we heard a LOUD screeching noise and then a HUGE crashing sound. Beau and I jumped up and started getting dressed to run outside and see what was going on. Beau got out there first and he yelled at me to get my phone and call the police because "we have a runner" I get dressed and run outside while talking to dispatch because there is a car upside down right in front of our house. When I get out there dispatch was asking me if anyone is in the car and I asked Beau and he said "no he ran that way" (pointing west) so I was explaining this to dispatch when a police car flies around the corner and Beau yells "HE WENT THAT WAY" pointing to where the guy went. Apparently, from what Beau tells me, the guy got out of the car and Beau saw him and was approaching him when he stood up and started running. He ran through the church parking lot and hopped a fence. Thank goodness for Beau. So the whole neighborhood starts pouring out. I have never seen so many people decide to walk their dog at ten o'clock at night :) It was so crazy! So all the cops showed up and Beau had to ride in the cop car (like they twisted his arm or something, he was so excited!) and go over to where they caught the guy and ID him. Then, when he got, he had to fill out a report and everything. It was crazy. We all stood out there while they did the reports and everything. I am so shocked that, that guy walked away without even a scratch but, he was drunk so I guess that makes sense. P.S Gracie slept through the entire thing!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

God made dirt so dirt don't hurt...apparently

We were doing some weeding today as a family and I had put Gracie on a blanket in the middle of the grass. She wanted to be part of the party so she kept crawling over to the garden. She kept grabbing weeds and clumps of dirt and eating them...hahahaha what a goofy girl we have. Good thing she isn't afraid of dirt :)