Tuesday, July 31, 2007

11 days and a HUGE wreck!

Hello!! I decided that I wanted to keep in touch and let you guys be a part of everything that is going on with Beau and I. The most logical way to do this was to make a blog. Plus Beau kept telling me that it would be a good idea sooooo here you go! Well to begin with I got in a huge wreck today! It was so scary! My back left tire blew out and I spun across the freeway and into a big ditch. I was 1 inch away from the wall that I should have smashed into. Seriously I didn't hit anything it was as if the hand of God literally came down and picked my car up and moved it to the ditch. I should have hit so many things but I came out totally fine. My front bumper completely ripped off and the back bumper did also. I was terrified but I was also blessed. I asked Beau if he had prayed for me that day and he said "I pray for you every chance I get." SO I think it was his faith that no matter what I would be protected while he was away that got me to the other side of the freeway safely. I love him so much. Needless to say I am safe and hopefully my car will be ok too. Beau comes home from Pennsylvania in 11 more days!! AHHH. I can't wait. It is dragging but I hope that time will speed up just a tiny bit so I don't have to miss him so much anymore. I got the keys to our new apartment today!! I am excited to go in and clean it all up. More pictures to come later!