Tuesday, June 28, 2011

swimming time

We have been lucky enough to enjoy the water during this semi-warm summer.  I say semi-warm because 80 degrees just doesn't feel like summer to me :)  Anyway, here in Ogden they have a splash pad for the kids.  We took Gracie there with some friends of ours a couple of weeks ago and we all had a blast.  Gracie was scared to death at first but, Beau held her for about 30 minutes and showed her the water was not scary.  Eventually she let him put her down and she was pushing kids out of the way to play in the water.  It was so funny.  

We also had the opportunity to go swimming at this beautiful condo we stayed at in Park City. I will post pictures of the whole park city adventure later but, here are the swimming pictures.  Gracie LOVES the pool. She floated in her yellow raft for a while but then wanted out. We got her out and she decided she wanted to swim on her own. It took all the strength I had to hold onto her. She would paddle her arms like daddy and kick her feet. It was so cute. Beau LOVES that Gracie loves to swim. He was having even more fun than she was.  My two little fishes. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Well, I suppose it's time to announce that I am not just gaining weight at a ridiculous pace from overeating, I have not just been hibernating in my home avoiding all people and places for fun, and I don't normally fall asleep standing up.  All of these things are a result of a big surprise for us all.


Almost 19 weeks pregnant to be exact.  We didn't tell people until now for many reasons but, I couldn't keep it hidden any more.  We went to the doctor on Monday and found out another suprise...


At least right now it is :) We will see in a couple of weeks if she remains that way. I think she will :)

Other than that we have had lots of things going on but I am too tired to write about it now so you will get a long blog eventually.  To end, here is a picture of our beautiful daughter for your viewing pleasure :)


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A month of being grateful in pictures: Day 1

Today I am grateful for warm days where I can sit outside and have a picnic lunch with my beauty queen.