Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015

FHE- Our bodies

 For FHE tonight we talked about how are bodies are like Heavenly Father and Jesus. We also talked about how are bodies are temples that keep our spirit safe inside. I've been feeling very prompted lately to establish very hard boundaries when it comes to our bodies. Having hard discussions is hard and I only have a five and a three year old! But, as we have been casually talking about where it is ok and where it absolutely isn't ok for other adults or friends to touch on our bodies, I decided that we needed an entire lesson on it. Complete with "repeat after me" done many times.

I am so grateful for my beautiful little girls. I love being their mother. It scares me more than anything else in this world that someone could hurt them/take advantage of them in a way they don't understand. Now, they do understand and I can rest a little better knowing that as we continue to be upfront and honest, talk about hard things, and re-iterate the importance of who they are, we can continue to build a strong open relationship with our ladies. 

Then we made crowns and marched around to all nine verses of "Follow the Prophet" and ate marshmallow cereal treats (way better than rice crispy treats :)). It was a great evening together.