Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gracie Leigh turns 2!

 Did I have any idea the effect you would have on my life two years ago today?  No.

 Did I have any idea how your smile would continually melt my heart every day for two solid years? Maybe.

 Can I imagine my life without you in it? Absolutely not.

 You continually make me laugh, cry, and beam with pride at your personality.
 But where did the time go?

 When did I blink so long that you went from my sweet, life changing baby, to my beautiful and crazy toddler?

 Do you have to grow up? Can't you just stay this age forever?

You are my sunshine. You have made my world better. Every morning and every night I thank God that he sent you to me. I can't believe, even now, that I get to raise you. You are a brilliant, beautiful, fun, crazy, emotional, dramatic, little girl. But, you are mine. I am so happy that we have had these two years together and I can't wait to spend more years together. I love you my Gracie Leigh, Happy 2nd Birthday.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Gracie's Birthday Party

We had a birthday party for Gracie on Saturday. It was so wonderful. Earlier in the day our wonderful friends Kyle and Natasha Bodily, MaKayla, and Hannah, came up to visit us. It was so great to see them. We miss them so much. They brought Gracie some dress up things that she LOVES, and we got to sit around and chat. They also got to meet Evie. It was so wonderful.  That night we had family and friends over to celebrate Gracie. She had a blast. Connor and Logan were there to celebrate with Gracie and that made her whole night. She loves her cousins.  They were kind enough to bring her a bag of suckers and of licorice. Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Jens made sure that Gracie was not deprived of her sugar that night :) We all watched as Gracie, Connor, and Logan ate their way through a bag of licorice. She was in Heaven. She had a blast and we had a blast. I made her cupcakes and topped them with piped white chocolate. Ya, I watch too much food network channel. We ate pizza, Gracie's favorite food, and watched her open her presents. It was a fun night.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

"pretty mommy pretty"

Days at our house are obviously never boring.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top events of 2011... Gibbs style


Became owners of a beautiful pure bred Golden Retriever named Ruby. Said goodbye to her before our move this summer. We miss her like crazy. She was the sweetest dog.

I performed in our wards Musical Rendition of the "Ten Virgins" It was so much fun to be on the stage again. I had forgotten how much I enjoy performing.

SURPRISE! Baby #2 is on their way! :) Found out in February

Gracie experienced her first Easter Egg hunt.
Opening up her eggs to see what kind of treats she got.

Beau made a decision to switch majors and go to school at University of Utah. So, we packed up and moved in with his parents for the summer. Gracie loved the packing.

We bought our first tent as a family!

Gracie ate her way through her first box of doughnuts...we didn't know she had done it until it was over.

I turned 26 and Beau turned 28

BEST SUMMER EVER WITH ALISON PETERSON AND KIDS! My life was saved when she showed up on my doorstep. I cried.
First time at splash pad!

We spent the summer swimming like crazy! Gracie is a fish.

Happy Fourth of July! First parade and first slurpee. Good day!

Baby girl turned 18 months! Beautiful!
We spent the weekend in Park City and went to Olympic Village. So fun!

Daryl surprised us for two weeks this summer. It was so wonderful. We have missed him and his sweet family so much! What a fun surprise. It felt like old times. Just what Beau and I needed.

Went to the Zoo with our Great friends the Bodily's

Started getting Gracie interested in the Potty. She has to read on the potty hahaa.

30+ Weeks!

Went to the Cabin for some quiet family time.

Happy Halloween!
Carved pumpkins.

Our last family photo before the baby joins!

Thanksgiving with the Coy Cousins

Finally in labor with our future baby girl!
Finally here! Baby Gibbs 8lbs 4 ounces

What's her name?? We don't know!

Finally we figure it out! Evie Ruth Gibbs!

Sisters meeting for the first time! Gracie LOVED to kiss her

Cousins came to stay!

Lights at Temple Square :)

We had such an amazing year. It was the hardest yet most wonderful year of our lives thus far together. We are so happy to be together and to have experienced all that we have. We have much to look forward to. Happy New Year everyone!