Thursday, July 24, 2008

San Diego Temple

This morning we woke up extremely early to go to the San Diego Temple. It is about an hour and a half to get there so we had to leave by 6:00am so we could be back in Costa Mesa by 1:00pm. It was an early morning but totally worth it! There were four couples that went and our friends Jess and Nathan rode with us. We got separated from the other two couples so it ended up just being us four. The temple is...stunning. There is no other word for it. It absolutely blows the picture I had in my head of what it would look like, out of the water! There were only a couple of us in the session and I wish you all could have been there with us. The Spirit was so strong. I almost felt like I was going through for the first time again. It was beautiful...just beautiful. Exactly what we needed.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


We just wanted everyone to know that Beau has reached his goal of 180 installs!! I am so proud of him he has worked so hard. Now he can relax and he doesn't have to stress so much. We technically can come home now but we haven't decided an exact dater for that yet. CONGRATS BABE I LOVE YOU!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Utah Trip

Wow this post is about a month late. Beau and I had the opportunity to go home for a visit in June. It was wonderful. We flew into Salt Lake Airport on June 14 at about 9:00 in the morning. It was great! We rented a car and drove up to Ogden to see everyone. It was so much fun. We got home and got greeted heartily by Buster Brown. Boy did I miss that dog he is my favorite. It was so nice to be in Utah. Beau was freaking out because he doesn't know how to drive on the freeway anymore without a million cars blocking him in. When we left Ogden in April there was still a ton of snow so it was so nice to come back and have no snow at all. Beautiful! Saturday we got to go rock climbing with Jens, Zach, Stacie, and Brandon. It was a BLAST! I hadn't been rock climbing in forever so it was so much fun.

This is the only picture we took the whole time..I know I'm terrible. So saturday night we all got together for dinner and to play games. We missed everyone so much so it was really nice to get together and hang out. Sunday was a good fathers day. We got to hang out with Grandma M. and celebrate a day for Fathers. I loved being there. This is just going to be a short sum up of what happened because honestly I don't really remember every detail :D. Monday We got to go to Snowbird to hang out with my family. It was beautiful up there and there was still a ton of snow. My nephew is the biggest nerd but it was so great to see them. That night we got together with Nathan and Heidi to hike and go rock climbing. I love them they are so much fun.

We were really sad to have to get back on that airplane on Tuesday morning and head home. THat night we went to LA and saw WICKED with my brother Kris. LOVED IT! Holy crap it was a great musical. You should have seen Beau's face he looked like a little kid at a candystore. It was so fun to share with him something that is so important to me. We had a wonderful day for my birthday and a wonderful trip home. Now we are just getting prepared to leave for good! Cedar City here we come :D

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Best tip ever!!!

Beau was at an install the other day and he got a tip. Not a money tip or a food tip but a dog. Yes, thats right we are the proud owners of a Puggle named Abby! She is two years old and so adorable. I think they were abusing her or neglecting her or both. They had four dogs, cats, birds, kids, etc..and the lady actually told me that she only fed Abby one cup of food a day because she wanted her to be skinny. Now puggles are Pugs and Beagles mixed together. She is too skinny for her breed right now but hopefully with love and care we can get her to her normal size. They gave us all her papers, her shot records, and this gigantic kennel to keep her in if we needed it. The poor girl. They put a shock collar on her when they got her two years ago and would only remove it to bathe her once a month. How sad! We are glad we got to adopt/rescue her from that environment. Look at that face! Isn't she adorable?