Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today is my 24th birthday. I feel a little bit old but not really. I am still very young. Being pregnant makes me feel old not my birthday! I have had the most wonderfully relaxed day ever. Really, it has been such a wonderful day. First of all Beau made me breakfast in bed this morning. I LOVE HIM! It was so yummy. And then he let me just lay in bed all morning while he worked for me so I could rest. He is seriously the best. It was such a relaxing morning. After work my great friend Lacie came over and took me to lunch at the Garden House. It is the nicest restaurant and we had so much fun! I love her! We just laugh and's nice to be able to share things with other women sometimes. She is the best, Lacie I love ya!

After lunch Beau took me to go look at our garden. It looks great. We even have pumpkins growing now! I think they came out today for my birthday because I have been waiting and waiting. I have also been waiting and waiting for the rain to come to Cedar City and today it poured. It was so wonderful. I love the rain so much and so it was a perfect birthday present from God. I also got to talk on the phone with my family and we got to SKYPE with Beau's family. It was WONDERFUL! I love them so much and can't wait to be up in Ogden so I can hang out with everyone instead of see them over a computer. Thanks for the birthday song and wishes everyone it made my day so much more special!

The end of the day was the best ever. We decided to have a little party/get together just to celebrate and have some fun. Beau and I made a bunch of finger foods and invited all our great friends over (who live here and who could make it of course :) ) We played games, ate food, and laughed till my side hurt. It was so great! I haven't had that much fun in a long time. Sarah gave me lots of yummy treats to keep my pregnant belly happy (thanks Sarah you are AWESOME!) and my bestest friend Janece made me a CD (tradition) and a GREAT cake featuring my favorite type of otter pop on top, Alexander the Grape. It was the most perfect birthday and I am so happy that I am alive and that I soon get to bring life to this earth. Thanks everyone for your love and birthday wishes. I just want to also say that I love my mother and I appreciate every minute of the ten months she was pregnant with me. You are an amazing woman momma and I am grateful that you helped bring me into this world!

Enjoy the pictures Sarah wasn't in the group picture so she gets her very own picture. Just so you know she really was there :) Oh and I don't know why Josh and Janece and their beautiful baby aren't in this picture either...hmmmmm.....are they hiding? I think I see Josh's leg... Janece is an amazing cake maker!! I love her and her cakes!!My chubby pregnant belly. Lacie decided for me that I need to have a picture of every month from now on. Here I am at 3 months and 1 week. Nice little chub going on. Oh well it's good to have so I can look back I guess... right?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Baby!

So today we went in for our dating ultrasound. Oh man it was the coolest thing ever! It is so amazing to me that God has given us the ability to create life. It is a miracle! Our due date has changed by 9 days. We are now due on January 5, 2010. The doctor said that she is pretty sure I will go early so she is expecting a new years baby. I don't know...I guess we will see! We are just happy that the date has moved off of Christmas. That would be a hard one to pull off every year for birthdays. In the ultra sound the babies head is on the left and the butt is on the right. The Doctor said that the heart beat is one of the strongest he had ever heard! We were both just beaming with excitement.