Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Sweet Wife

To my lovely wife,

I know that this has been hard for you and that you ask me to cook you something and then when i am done cooking it to feed you, you don't want it any more you want some thing else oh the joys of being a soon to be father. Amanda I just want you to know that i LOVE you and i will do any thing for you even now when you can be a little crazier then normal i love you and i will help you through what ever you need me to help you with. Amanda you ARE THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME. I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH.....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So....as you can tell things have been pretty interesting in our lives. Beau and I decided that life never stops throwing us curve balls but we have learned to go with the flow. Last Saturday, the day before mothers day, I had been feeling really sick and REALLY tired. I slept almost the entire day and when I would wake up I was still exhausted. We could not figure out what the heck was going on and I was not about to take a pregnancy test. Sunday morning, mothers day, I woke up and threw up. I was so sick still. I thought I had food poisoning so I just stayed in bed and Beau went to church. When he came home he said "Amanda I have a feeling you need to take a test." I was not about to get out of bed to do something I did not want to do so we decided to wait until Monday. Monday afternoon after work Beau and I went to the dollar store to get a test. I decided that a dollar store test would do the trick if I was really pregnant. Well, you obviously know the answer to that. Both Beau and I were totally shocked. The look on Beau's face was priceless when I came running out of the bathroom to show him.

A week later, after being sick and tired and sick some more, we went to our first doctors appointment. I thought that MAYBE I was a month a long but I did not thing it was possible that I could be more than that. The doctor did some tests and said "well, you are 8 1/2 weeks along...how did you not know you were pregnant and you are 8 1/2 weeks?" I don't know lady I was not expecting it!! Hello! So then she told us that our due date and I was more shocked...December 25th!! WHAT!! So...I guess we are not going anywhere for Christmas! Anyway we are really excited, shocked, happy, etc. We can't believe this and we are so grateful for this wonderful blessing in our lives. I just want everyone in the family to know that even though I am fat and pregnant I will still stand and smile in the family picture in July :D.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Graduation 2009!

Well, It's over. I finally did it! Who ever thought that this day would come? This semester was insane! Between 21 credit hours, working, and being in the relief society presidency I did not think I would make it. Thank goodness I did because I am ready to be done. Graduation was wonderful. I had my wonderful family on both sides come and celebrate with me! My dad and step mom even drove down from South Dakota. It was so wonderful to have everyone there. The day was long and crazy but really great and I am very glad that is is over. CONGRATS CLASS OF 2009!