Saturday, May 14, 2011

A new tent finally!

After almost 4 years of marriage we FINALLY bought a tent.  We love it!  We also got a killer deal on it.  We were planning on camping last weekend but we live in Logan so it was too cold at night for Gracie.  Oh well, we still set the tent up in the front yard just to experience it!

Photo Shoot

I wanted to take a picture of Gracie the other morning because she is so darling and my favorite thing to take pictures of so I took one.  She began throwing a huge fit until I relented and continued to take pictures of her.  I love how her face changed with each picture.  She is such a ham.

Box Fort

A couple of weeks ago Beau built Gracie a fort out of packing boxes.  She loved it and would hide in it all day.  I came out to look and saw that she was playing in her fort.  Beau also came in and when Gracie saw him she came running out of the fort and grabbed his leg, dragging him into her fort.  I thought "fun I want to come" so I got down on my hands and knees and started to climb through the doorway.  Apparently I wasn't invited because she quickly pushed me out and pulled daddy in more so I couldn't get in.  I was only slightly offended.

Going on a walk

Gracie really wanted to go on a walk so instead of waiting until the rain stopped, we had lunch, and got dressed, she just took matters into her own hands.  However, I don't think she realized that getting out was going to be a lot harder than getting in was. 


My kid is awesome...she thinks she is soooooo funny.  I happen to agree with her.