Monday, September 14, 2009

updating our lives!


Sorry I am such a slacker and never blog. Really, I have no excuse like school or that I'm too busy it's just that I'm too lazy. I thought many of you would like to know what we have been doing since the beginning of August seeing as how that is the last time I wrote anything.

  • In August Heidi and Nathan Hiatt came to visit us. It was so fun. Beau and Nate had a BLAST together just being themselves. I think that they bottle up their true personalities for when they see each other and then they let it out on the world...kind of scary. But we love them still. Heidi and I went to St. George and shopped while they went and played on Nate's sand rail. So much fun. It is really hard not living by them and being able to see them every weekend like we used to...maybe someday. My wonderful favorite friend Jessie's little sister got married in August and we got to drive down to St. George and see Jess. It was SO GREAT!! I hadn't seen Jess in probably a year and so I was very excited to see her. She is so wonderful. If you ever get a chance to meet her, your life will be bettered. Jess has a way of making everyone feel welcome and totally special. It was a blessing for us to be able to spend some time with her. Once again, I wish we lived closer. I need my Jessie time.
  • Beau started school and it has been a hard adjustment for me. It is so crazy when you work so hard to get a degree and graduate but you don't take into account that feeling of complete inadequacy it will leave you once everyone else returns. I have been going to school since I was in pre-school and now, no more. Beau tells me that my job is to grow our baby but, that just doesn't seem like enough. The feeling is starting to fade as I see him come home with tons of homework assignments but still, it's a loss I never thought I would experience. He is doing GREAT though and I am so proud of him.
  • Beau cut his leg. He was doing construction for some part time work, stepped into a PVC pipe that was in the ground, and cut up his leg. Oh the fun never stops with us.

  • For labor day we go tot go to the cabin and hang out with the family. It was a very mellow weekend and we enjoyed ourselves. We got to see Zach and Stacie and catch up with them AND we got to hang out with Jens, Tiffany, Connor and Logan. It was so wonderful. Connor and Logan are growing up so much and they are adorable. It was so fun to see the differences in their personalities really come out now that they have started pre-school. I am once again sad that we do not live closer so we could be a bigger part of everyone's lives. We also got to hang out with Mom and Dad and that is always a blast. Beau and I love just hanging out with the parents doing nothing but playing a game or chatting. Mom got us the CUTEST outfits for Gracie and happened to find one of Beau's baby blankets that Grandma Toone had given him when he was born. That is so special to us to have something from the past that we can give to our little girl. It was a bitter sweet weekend since the family had to say goodbye to their faithful dog Anika. She will be missed and she was definitely loved.

  • From there Beau took me to Spanish Fork and my sister picked me up to take me to Moab for a week. I missed Beau every second I was gone but, it was a great opportunity to spend some much needed time with my wonderful family. I haven't been able to see them since Graduation in May and so, it was wonderful. I hung out with my sisters and my mom, played with my nieces and nephews, and stayed with my Grandma. It was great! I was sad to have to leave but also ready. Being away from Beau isn't something that I do very well.
So that is about all that we have been up to. The baby is doing great. She is almost two pounds now and I am showing finally. I was having the hardest time because I felt like people were looking at me thinking that I looked like I gained an extra 15 pounds, when in reality I had but it was our little girl! I took one picture before church yesterday for Tiffany because she convinced me it's good to take pictures. My face looks HUGE and it's because I am retaining water so please, don't judge. :) So here I am, 6 months pregnant.