Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas this year was SO MUCH FUN! Gracie was just beside herself with excitement. She couldn't wait for Santa to come. We regularly sang "Santa Clause is coming to town" for our bedtime song. She loved everything about the season. We collect Nativities so she was also into the reason for the season. Evie wasn't too excited but, she could tell something was going on.  We had Christmas Eve dinner at our house this year and it was wonderful. Mom and dad, Grandma and Grandpa, and Zach and Stacie came over. We ate until we were going to burst (steak, ribs, potatoes, salad, beans, rolls, etc...ugh!) and then went to open presents. The girls LOVED their gifts from Zach and Stacie, and we all loved our gifts from everyone.  After we took Grandma and Grandpa home for the night and put the girls to bed, we played games and ate fondu! It was wonderful.  After everyone left Beau and I set up the presents under the tree, painted a doll house for Gracie, and made sure the house was all put together.  We didn't get to bed until 3:00am and we were exhausted! It was crazy. Now I know why my mom was always so exhausted on Christmas morning.  Gracie and Evie got spoiled rotten, and so did Beau and I! Poor Beau was sicker than a dog on Christmas and it just went downhill from there. He ended up in the emergency room with walking pneumonia/bronchitis. Poor guy took himself in. I felt so bad for him! Luckily they got him on antibiotics quick. Unfortunately, the rest of us got it. We had an interesting holiday season that's for sure!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Evie Ruth Gibbs

My Evie love, I can't believe you are one.  Your first year went by so fast...too fast. I look at you and I wonder when got so big?  I can't even remember the last year of your life and I wish I did.  Sometimes I sneak in your room and watch you sleep, your daddy doesn't even know that. I love to watch you.  When I am around you I feel peace flood over me.  Sometimes when your silly sister is making me crazy, I grab you and take you in a room just to rock you and be with you. You have a way of calming me down and making me realize the beautiful things in the world. You also make me appreciate your adorable and crazy big sister more than I ever thought.  The way you look at her, cry when she is away, laugh at whatever she does, or crawl over to give her kisses when she is throwing a fit on the floor, helps me to remember to look for the good in every situation.  You are a mammas girl and I love it.  Gracie was never a mammas girl, she always wanted her daddy. When you came to earth, you ALWAYS wanted your mommy and I'm not gonna lie, I love it.  I love to snuggle you, rock you , feed you, laugh with you, smile at you, hold you when you cry, watch you learn new things, watch you when you sleep, get you out of your crib after a good nap, bathe you, and just be with you.  When I found out I was pregnant with you I was scared and sad. Your sister was an energetic baby who pushed me to my limits so I felt I wasn't ready to take on another baby. My feelings were confirmed when I had the worst pregnancy as far as sickness goes. I was sick until 22 weeks.  But, the second you came, I couldn't believe I had ever had negative feelings. You were a dream baby.  Only ever cried when you needed something and only for a minute. You love to stare. You are my inquisitive girl.  You love to look and watch.  You are also very smart. I am surprise every day by the things you can do and the things you pick up from your sister.  You have six teeth, can crawl, stand, say things like eat, mamma, daddy, dada, gracie, sister, tub, lovey, and a few other words I can't think of at the moment.  You love to talk on the phone with your daddy and whenever the phone rings you yell "daddy, daddy, daddy"  You also love to be suprised and will say "wow" whenever something wow's you.  I can't believe you are mine.  I love you to the moon and back.  

Love Momma.  

Evie's Birthday Party

We had a birthday party for Evie. It was really great. We made taco salads and had family over. Evie loved her cake...at least for a minute she did. I love my baby girl and can't believe she is one! Evie, at a year here are the things you love to do:
*peek-a-boo, you are constantly saying "boo ma, boo"
*Eat! You LOVE to eat, eat, eat!
*say Mama, daddy, da, sleep, eat, more, please, all done, boo, gracie, hi, bye, and a couple more words I can't think of at the moment.
*be around your sister
*snuggle with your "lovies"
*hug and kiss baby dolls
*give kisses and blow kisses
*snuggle with mamma
* be held
*drink from big kid cups
*yell if you don't get what you want immediatly
you have a spunky personality! Gone are the days of my quiet, pensive baby. You love to be heard and seen. Your sweet personality really adds to my every day life. You LOVE your sister and will often crawl around saying her name if she is napping or with daddy. You are a busy body. I quickly had to remember that kids like to get into trouble, and you are no exception. You pick on your sister a little bit, but, she doesn't exactly let you off the hook. You can un-pack a drawer full of anything faster than anyone I have ever seen and you love to take things out but put them back in. Your smile makes me smile, your laugh makes me laugh, you bring joy to my life and I love you.