Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Girls

I just had to post these pictures of my nieces...they are my darlings! Maggie is four and Emily is two. They grow up so quickly. I don't have any pictures of my nephew Simon because he was at a birthday party but Beau and I got to play with the girls for a while before we left. They LOVE Beau. Seriously they can't get enough. In fact they rarely even want to play with me they would rather be with him :D He is pretty fun I agree with them.

Playin' at the beach...moab style

Beau and I had been working so hard...well mainly he had been working so hard...that I decided that he needed a break. I went to the grocery store and got some fried chicken with all the yummy fixings and then kidnapped him and took him to Big Sandy Beach located about 9 miles up river road. It was a blast. We played in the water, beau buried me in the sand, and Abby had a BALL! She was swimming and running all over the place. It was fun to be back in the sun relaxing for a few hours before we had to get back to the re-model.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

re-modeling the world one house at a time

Beau and I decided to go see our families before school started. We were on our way to Ogden from Cedar City when he decided to turn and go to Moab. We thought that we would just go on the river or play a little bit and then head up to Ogden. Well...that didn't quite happen. We got to my mothers house and it was just a mess. She has been trying to re-model for seven..yes seven years but just couldn't made decisions or anything so we helped her out. It started as a little project to clean out her storage room and update her food turned into an entire huge thing. We began by getting one of those huge dumpsters from the garbage man and almost filling it to the brim. It was insane how much stuff we threw away. Next we moved upstairs and ripped out the bathroom and hallway floor and cleaned everything up. After that We pulled cabinets and drawers out of the kitchen and Beau built an island. Then he tiled the bathroom, new tub, hallway, kitchen, and pretty much the entire upstairs while I painted everything. It was a very large project but I'm so glad we had the opportunity to do it. It made us both a lot closer to my parents and we got to help them out a LOT! My mom has been waiting long enough for this to happen. I now want to get into flipping was just too much fun!

These are just a couple of before pictures. I can't post them all there were way too many! My favorite it the blue velvet wall paper we found under some old sheetrock in the bathroom. What was it about the seventy's that made people love fabric on the walls?

BEAU is and AMAZING tiler! Holy cow if you guys need tiling done he is the man to do it. I was so impressed by his ability to just do it perfectly

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Leavin' Cali

So as you all probably know already we left California. It was an experience that we will never forget. I miss the close friend I made there so much but, it's good to be able to spend lots of time with Beau now that he isn't working so much. :D Here are pictures of the packed up apartment...well almost packed. Abby doesn't know quite what to do without all our stuff all around.