Sunday, March 30, 2008

Adventures of South Dakota!

I'm HOME! Finally! I feel like my life this week has been full of running around non-stop and driving non-stop. It's really nice to be home. I missed Beau more than I thought I could. It was really fun seeing my sister and her wonderful family though. I missed them so much! Well we left monday morning really early and drove the entire way there. It was really nice weather so we didn't have any problems with the drive. The only real issue was that we were driving to Sioux Falls which is on the other side of South Dakota. So pretty much we drove clear across Wyoming and South Dakota. Lots of fun! :D When we got there it was really late and the kids were in bed but my two sisters and I just stayed up laughing until 2:00am when Joplin my brother in law got home. My nephew Simon, who is 6, happened to wake up in the middle of the night and was so suprised to see us when he woke up that he came gave me the biggest bear hug I've ever gotten. It was so wonderful. I miss my kids.

So the next day was spent packing and packing and more packing. We were trying to hurry so that we could beat the storm. We packed and visited with my dad and step mom and then packed some more. It was an eventful day. Wednesday was also a packing day. My step mom, two sisters and I decided to have a girls lunch so we could chat. It was fun. We laughed and ate a really good lunch then went back to pack. That night we went to my dad and mom's house in a little town about fifteen miles away from Nat's house. The kids all went to bed and we went down to my mom's bar to play darts because my brother in law was working down there. It was fun to hang out with my sisters. We haven't had a bonding time like that in forever. I won darts by the way :D. In the middle of our third dart game the power went out. And I mean the entire town went out. It was so scary! There was a big blizzard outside and it was pitch black. We decided that it was probably time to go home so we did and I fell right asleep. We were exhausted. In the morning we went back to the farm and decided that it was time to go. We wanted to beat this storm that was supposed to be coming. We didn't get to leave until Thursday afternoon but the drive was fine so we were excited and we thought we had actually beat the storm. Wyoming had another plan for us. We drove in a white out very scary blowing snow blizzard until we reached Gillette Wyoming. OH I forgot to say that my sister Natalie had sent my nephew Simon with me because he was crying so hard when I tried to leave. My sister Marisa decided that we would stay in Gillette because of the storm. I was so upset and wanted to go home but I really needed to sleep. I hadn't actually slept in the entire four nights I was gone. We left Friday morning early and made it home in the afternoon. I was so happy. I drove the entire way and I'm still catching up on my sleep. Thank goodness for naps and a good cuddle partner to keep me warm. I am very glad that my sister and her adorable children are closer again and that I was able to go help her.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Well Amanada left me today to go help her sister for the week she says she will be back of thursday i hope so and not latter i want her back now though i miss her so much i can't sleep. here is one of our first picturs together

I love her so so much.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fun weekend!

Well Beau and I had a wonderful weekend. Sorry there are no pictures to post I forgot to take any. Anyway we had been invited to a retreat for APX which is the company we are working for this summer. We had to be in Provo at 3:00 so we left that morning to go to Sandy and then on our way to Provo. When we got to the building we were suppose to be at we realized we were the first ones there so we called the kid in charge of all the techs. We found out he was in the back and it was a good thing we had gone early because Beau needed to get his tools for the summer. They handed everything out and then we went upstairs to have a meeting. A VERY long meeting. It was good though. They took all the wives in one room to chat about the summer and all the boys went in to do some training. It was so much fun getting to know everyone (well almost everyone lots of people weren't there) that we will be spending our summer with. We just chatted about what to expect and what we want to do and blah blah blah. Four hours later it was time to go to see where we were sleeping. APX rented out a mansion in Provo that sleeps 60 people. It had two dining rooms, a master wing, 15 bedrooms, a bathroom for every room, a pool table, a huge kids play area, and a theater room. We ran around finding our rooms and then all stayed up laughing and playing Guitar Hero my VERY favorite game. The next day after breakfast they paid for us all to go skiing up at Sundance. They had rented out a lodge for us to hang out in or leave our stuff while we skiied and then fed us a gourmet lunch. I hate skiing by the way. I got all ready and went on the bunny hill with Beau and it was a disaster. Poor Beau...I let him go off on all the black diamonds and whatever and I went back and played scrabble with Val. It was such a fun relaxing weekend for both of us. Needless to say I feel smarter with my spelling and Beau is very sore...I got the better end of the deal :D I can't wait to leave! Only four more weeks :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ash TAGGED me! Oh..and Tiffany did too :D :D

A. Post the rules B. Answer the Q's about yourself C. After posting tag 5 pep's by going to their blog & leaving a comment!

1.What where you doing 10 years ago?
Well... I was about twelve almost thirteen and I was probably going to middle school and being lame..OH I was getting ready for High School and I had to audition for our high schools show was scary.

2. 5 things on my list today...

*Laundry- we are in desperate need of jeans!
*Work Out- Because Beau won't love me if I get fat and ugly :D :D :D :D
*hmmm if I think of other things I need to do I'll list them later

3. 5 of my fav snacks!

* Frozen Grapes
* Hot Tamales
* Beef Jerkey
* Chips and Salsa
* Veggies
OH and yummy rolls dipped in garlic hummus...MMMM Good

4.What would I do if I suddenly become a billionaire?
Get out of Debt, Build Mom and Dad a new house free of any ghosts, Build Jens and Tiffany a new house complete with a padded room dedicated to a jungle gym for the boys, Give lots to Zach and Stacie so they can build a house or buy one which ever they choose, Buy a vacation home here in Ogden for Jamie and Andy so they can visit more and have a home of their own, Buy lots of land for my sister and pay off her debt, Pay LOTS of fast offerings...and buy an island and name it "amandas world" no shoes allowed

5. 3 bad habits
biting my nails, eating when I'm stressed, talking when I'm nervous

6. 5 places I have lived?
Moab, London, Cedar City, Soda Springs, Ogden

7. 5 places I have worked?
River Guide in Moab, Moab Brewery Server, Wicked Brew Barista, Front Desk clerk for Alaskan Inn, Camp Councelor

8. 5 things people dont know about me?
* I am obsessed with working out
* My greatest ambition in life would be to backpack across Europe
* I want at least 5 kids (scary I know I LOVE BIG FAMILIES!)
* I used to be in a lot of musical productions
* I was my tennis team's team captain my senior year and I went to state for first doubles. I love tennis.

OK I tag Jen, Ali, Kristen, Jens, and...Zach