Tuesday, July 22, 2014

30 things to do before I turn 30!

Doing hard things is hard, that is true. But, doing hard things teaches you that hard things are not impossible. That stretching yourself past your own limitations is actually a release. You can banish your own pre-concieved notions of who you think you are and become someone better, someone you actually want to be. I never want to look back at my life and wish I would have spent the better part of it being stronger/braver but, allowing myself to be held back. That is why I made the list. To find that person I want to be and love her. People have asked "So, what's on your list?" For a long time I didn't want to share because there are many things on the list that merit explanation, which I will not be giving. But, if I can inspire someone else to make a list and conquer yourself than, I will do it! Here is my list, love it or hate it I don't really care, these are for me.

1. Run a half marathon. (Moab other half, OCTOBER BABY! WOO WOO!)
2. Get in touch with five old friends and make them my five renewed friends.
3. Photograph 4 weddings.
4. Visit 10 new places outside of Utah.
5. Get a tatoo
6. Read BOM cover to cover
7. Write 50 "Just Because" notes and send them
8. Apply for masters degree
9. Floss teeth every day for a year
10. Go on an overnight backpacking trip
11. Finish my book
12. Learn a foreign language and then plan a trip to practice it.
13. Sing at an open mic night
14. Learn the guitar
15. Take kickboxing classes
16. Conquer a fear
17. take a cross country road trip
18. Find my personal relationship with God again
19. Take a community class, maybe cooking...
20. Complete my girls baby books
21. Print a batch of pictures every month
22. Buy postcards and leave them in random places with messages of hope for others to find
23. Pay for someones meal without them knowing
24. Do one hard thing every day
25. Forgiveness
26. Take ballroom dancing classes
27. learn to knit/sew successfully
28. Stay in a house on the beach
29. Take at least 1 photo a day of my children and then put my camera down and help them grow
30. teach my girls to enjoy simplicity and unplug electronics