Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Primary ramblings

This little pirate is in primary now. That first sunday was a doozy but, Thanks to my super great friend Jenny, it ended okay. She only had to bribe her with Candy. No big deal.
However, she has finally warmed up and gotten the hang of it.
This Sunday after I got out of relief society, the primary presidency was giggling in the hallway about something.
One of the counselors came up to me and said "did you hear what your daughter said in primary today?"
I at first thought she was talking about Gracie because Gracie LOVES to talk but, she was referring to the other crazy lady of mine.
Apparently they were having sharing time and the teacher in charge
said "you know how sometimes your mom puts you in time out?"
So Evie yells out:
"My mom doesn't put me in time out, she just kicks me"
Apparently I need to re-think my discipline tactics :) 
(Note: I do NOT kick my kids...though sometimes I am tempted.)

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